Production Process

1) Fresh whole milk, fresh eggs and fresh ripe fruits, sourced from local farmers and suppliers, are received daily.

2) These are then stored in temperature controlled vats and warehouses while waiting for production.

3) Fresh milk, pure cane sugar, corn syrup and other ingredients, as per flavor, are blended together and then pasteurized by heating them to 82°C in the pasteurizer.

4) The mix is pumped through a homogenizer, which applies pressure to the mix upwards of 150bar in order to break down fat molecules and create a smooth and consistent mix. This process is very crucial to give our ice cream its smooth texture.

5) After the homogenization process, the hot mix is rapidly cooled down to 3°C with the help of a heat exchanger.

6) The mix is then aged for 4 hours in the aging vats to further improve the texture and heat resistance.

7) Next, a continuous freezer is used to whip the ice cream mix while freezing it to a temperature of -6°C at the same time.

8) The finished product is then packed in various containers and stored in walk-in freezers at a temperature of -30°C.

9) Finally the ice cream is distributed all over Cyprus to various outlets.

Production Process

Production Process